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Sports betting today

Nowadays, you do not need to go to the Peaky Blinders for horse race betting, hoping that you guessed the right winner and will not become a victim of schemes. You just need to take a notebook or smart phone and make a couple of clicks. Many bets, if not all of them, today are accepted via the Internet.

Bookmakers and bet structures, both have changed. Thanks to the Internet, bookmakers succeeded in widening their lines (a list of possible events), having added to standard bets on a specific sports match a row of all events imaginable: e.g., a goal hit by certain player, yellow and red cards total, which team's player will get the yellow card first, and etc.

For football matches held by leading European Championships, sports betting sites uk currently offer the lines that contain up to a hundred of different events. Even if optional bets are not so popular among gamblers, this kind is harder to guess compared to regular outcomes, which is why bookmakers always seek an opportunity to put them in the betting list.

How to properly pick up a betting office

Well, everyone knows sports betting being a very profitable business, not that difficult to organize. That is the reason there are so many betting offices operating on the market, and an average player would find it not easy to figure them up.

Wrong choices can be a catastrophe because you are risking to miss profit of a few hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

This lost profit develops due to lower coefficients the bookmaker will be offering to you, compared to other competitors; ‘his specials and bonuses will be less profitable’, ‘he will set maximum bet limits on certain events’, and so on.

For this reason, instead of wasting hundreds of hours in searching for best online betting site, simply use our list of betting offices having best profit coefficients, large bonuses and attractive promo actions.

In the last six months, our experts have studied over fifty betting offices and gambling sites offering sports betting services. The work is still in progress as we continue our search for the best bookmakers for you.

We examined the history of these companies, verified if their gambling licenses are real, searched for unsatisfied customers who did not receive their prizes, compared coefficients, estimated betting signup offers and specials, tested their practices such as how quick they are in responding to customers' requests, made deposits and cashouts, and many other things.

The huge amount of work done allows us to positively claim that we have picked up the best representatives from betting industry who can be entrusted with your money and prizes, accordingly.

Be sure, if it was June 2015 now, and you'd had a £ 100 bet on Leicester becoming 2015/2016 Premier League Champion, in any of the betting offices listed on our site, you'd have got £ 500,000 worth prize!

Thanks to partnership agreements, we have concluded with sports betting offices. Today we are pleased to offer you the most exclusive best betting sign up offers and specials, not available to ordinary players.

Each gambler, whether they are amateurs, semi-pros or pros, will have the best choice that meets his requirements best. If you need any assistance with choice, our specialist will readily help you, being attentive to your every need.

Our tips on how to win a sports betting

We've decided to go a little farther than just assisting you to pick up a betting office having good betting sign up offers. The tips below are our few recommendations to successful betting.

1. Narrow your field by focusing on one League's matches

Physically, you cannot get into the nuts and bolts of more than one Championship, just because of the huge volume of information you will have to process.

We would strongly recommend you to be focused on one football League, the one you know best. Apparently, you'll take English Premiere League for candidate, as it is the strongest National Championship in the world, fascinating with its emotionally charged atmosphere and its unpredictability!

2. Read news, articles and interviews, watch matches

Being focused on one League, dedicate you free time analyzing the information about it: read the news about teams, positions and analytical articles, look through interviews made by players, coaches; watch games, tournament previews and analytics.

Before games, pay special attention to injuries and suspensions which may significantly affect the positioning of teams, and the outcome, accordingly. If a team’s forward player drops out, then very likely you cannot expect scoring opportunity much from that team.

Making Excel tables for analytical purposes may come handy, if desired, to arrange teams' performances, home and away, shots on goals, goalkeeping errors, and etc.

3. For live bets you need to watch the game

If you desire to make a live bet (bets during the match broadly offered by best online betting sites), then you should always be watching the match of interest, live, via the Internet or on TV.

Events during a match cannot be presented fairly only in textual context, as you will be limited with the scope of information only heard from broadcaster or reporter.

4. Use statistics services

There are many good resources currently available on the market, both free and paid, that provides very interesting statistics, including live data, which you can use to increase the probability of winning.

For example, there is a wonderful free resource at featuring detailed information on the diversity of matches, including live broadcasts. All games are collected to form statistics that will be very handy for analysis before making a bet.

The use of statistics services gives you an opportunity to obtain valuable information which best betting sites use extensively to draw coefficients for their line.

5. Strictly adhere to bankroll management

You should make it a rule: the size of every bet must not exceed a certain part of your bankroll (a capital you possess for betting). This amount may be set at 3-5%, for example.

Also, set the limit amount for your daily bets, e.g. max 10-20% of bankroll. We mean that you should avoid bets that could substantially decrease your bankroll.

Such bankroll management will help you endure setbacks, while maintaining your emotional state alright.

It should be noted separately that you'll find it easier to make good fortune, if you have one of our exclusive sign up bonus bettings.