Website Privacy & Cookies Policy

According to the Policy of Privacy used by the company states how Oxalys International LP functions and secures all the data. This data is the information given by the users on the website.

The company asks for the personal information from every user so that it could be identified while using the website.However, with accordance to the security issues, it is assured that all the provided data will be protected.

Consequently, some implements are being made over a period of time whenever the page is updated. We also ensure that we keep our customers happy with the rationalized policies on the site.
The current policy in use will be helpful from 15th of January 2017.


The information required by the website is the following:

  • Your name
  • Contact information including email address
  • Demographic information such as postcode, preferences and interests
  • Other information relevant to customer surveys and/or offers
  • Your IP address

What we do with the information we gather

Why is this information required? This is because we believe in making our customers happy, therefore, with the information provided gives us an idea about your likings. It makes things simpler for us to understand and provide you with the best services possible. Some of the other reasons are:

  • Marketing: The following data such as your email address can be used to send emails to the users about the new products that might interest them. These will be the promotional emails of the website.
  • Another use is the keeping the record that would help us to improve our products and services and come up with something new.
  • Customers’ email, contact numbers or other relevant information could be used for contacting them for Market Research perspective.
  • Additionally, it can also be used in case of the customization of the website. For example, their feedback.

How we use cookies

The cookie is a small folder that would ask for permission before being downloaded on to your hard drive of the computer. To get it placed on your laptop, the user needs to accept it. Only then the file will take place in your device. This folder helps you to identify the traffic on the web and let you know whenever you visit any particular website.

Because of these cookies, the web applicants can be responded individually. Through the help of web application, the operations and other features can be modified according to your preference, be it your likes or dislikes.

These cookies identify the pages which are mostly in use. With the help of it, the web page traffic is recognized and enhanced according to the needs of our customers. This information is being downloaded through the cookies just for the analysis of statistical purposes. And then it is removed from the system after the function is being completed.

The overall use of the Cookie is to find the things that our relevant to our customers and remove those which aren’t useful to them. This step is taken to make the website better. Moreover, the cookie does not give us an access to your computer or the information you chose not to share with us. It only allows us to utilize the information which the customer has given us an access to.

It depends on the users whether to decline or accept any cookies. However, it’s true that some of the web browsers automatically accept cookies but users can modify their settings. But this might prevent users from taking the complete benefit from the website.

Links to other services or websites

Our website also contains links to other related websites. But users should know that once they visit those other websites, they won’t be having the control over those other websites. Therefore, it should be clear to the users that our privacy statements do not work on those websites. Also neither will they be responsible in case they provide their personal information on those other sites. Hence, users shall go through the privacy details of those links for preventing any such case to happen.

Furthermore, we might insert the services and use the content of the third parties for our website. Who may in turn get their own cookies and gather the information in their own way. Services used by the website are not limited to anything and include things like:

  • Google: Analytics, GoogleTagManager, YouTube, Google+
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


We promise our customers that their information is safe and secure with us. And just to avoid the access to the unauthorized things, we have safeguarded your data with some of the modernized and electronic systems which is collected online.