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100% Up To £300
£10 No Deposit
No Code Needed

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50% Up To £1000 
Min deposit £500
No Code Needed

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100% Up To £500
£10 No Deposit for UK, IE
No Code Needed

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100% Up To €100
€10 No Deposit
No Code Needed

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100% Up To £100 
Min deposit £10
No Code Needed

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500% Up To £50 
Min deposit £10
No Code Needed

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200% Up To £300 
Min deposit £35
No Code Needed



Online casino today

We give you the list of the best casino bonuses for your careful consideration. Examine it and pick up those online casinos that suit your personal wants best.

There was a time long ago when casino was an exclusive place, meant only for the elites. If we talk about casinos today then of course, we are talking about civilized and beautifully decorated parlors which could offer attentive staff and more or less fair play, unlike underground establishments, full of cheaters of all sorts and controlled by criminals.

With the introduction of the Internet and the active growth of gambling, the situation has changed considerably – ordinary people finally have got access to casino games of quality which were designed by the well-known companies and licensed by competent authorities. 

The online casino industry, in the UK and other countries, is progressing so fast that you can play live dealer online casinos even right now!

For instance, you can play roulette red or black without leaving your home, while somewhere halfway around the world a live dealer, which could be a blonde or dark-haired bombshell, is letting the ball go on the wheel in real time.  You can witness by yourself how the ball is jumping from cell to cell and finally stops on red or black for you to win!

That is to say, the modern online casino is capable of giving you the participation effect of up to 100%, as from playing at a real casino.

So what is our method of selecting the best online casinos for you?

Now, you can let go of worries about the game being unfair, even in case of truly moderate bets. Yet, unfortunately, the online gambling market, like any other field connected with money, has a sufficient number of fraudulent companies respecting no rules.

Such frauds would order gambling software with the reduced odds functionality; they do not cash out, but block the winning accounts and involve in other similar wrong activities. Unsuspected gamblers are tempt with huge online casino bonuses and gives you fairy tales of winning incredible jackpots.

Is there any average gambler who, without trying a game, can tell a real online casino from a fake one? Unfortunately, the possibility is near to no. No one but a gambling professional will be able to identify it through a thoughtful and in-depth analysis. That is what our experts did by testing over 100 online casinos.

The things we did:

1. Each casino's background was checked by comparing the information provided on their site with the comments and feedback available in public section. We thoroughly looked for the things that do not add up or were seen as obvious fabrications.

2. The certificates and licenses provided on the gambling sites were checked by sending inquiry messages to the relevant regulatory authorities for confirmation.

3. We also have asked the casino software developers to be sure they actually sold their products to the online casinos charging interest.

4. Casino signup bonuses and other bonuses and actions were compared to help us pick up the best profit offers.

5. We have studied other users' reviews and comments on industry specific forums and sites. We were looking both for positive and negative feedback, skipping promotional texts written by the casinos to advertise themselves.

Additionally, less important parameters were checked to create the big picture. Following the comprehensive study, we have prepared a list of online casinos we can trust.

Our experts have tried all the casinos as ordinary gamblers. All these have passed the first step of our testing, the software being the primary target (software's user friendliness, usability and modernity). They assured the casinos enable easy cashouts, they communicated with customer support, read the conditions of getting casino deposit bonuses and got their personal experience concerning the quality and diversity of games procured.

Such two-step professional analysis carried out by our experts allowed us to draw the final list of the online casinos that offers a fair and profitable play (the odds, depending on the game chosen, range from 92% to 98%).

At the end of our study, we came into touch with these online casinos with the idea of becoming partners with them so that we could offer to you now the best online casino bonuses. In addition, you will be provided with a 24/7 support for settling any issues that might arise. If required, you can communicate your questions to the casino manager through us.

Please be advised that despite you can win large sums from online casinos regularly, you ought not to view this as a reliable source of income. Instead, if you still think about regular income in gambling industry, we would recommend to try online poker instead.

The benefits of online casinos

The online gambling market is ogling the dynamic growth with casino bonuses increased and more diversified. On the contrary, the conventional gambling establishments are forced to admit that their customers' pool has decreased. The logical explanation to this is that an online casino means a fairer game with more diversity, excitement, dynamics, and safety ensured.

1. Online gambling is fairer than offline

Online casino owners, even if they wished, couldn’t technically crack the licensed gambling software. Whereas, offline, you may be deceived by the casino owner, stickmen and other gamblers who may be in cahoot with each other, or by cheating gamblers, and by "adjusted" slot machines.

2. Better diversity of games online

An online casino can accommodate dozens to hundreds of gambling machines, ever imaginable: slot machines, roulettes, blackjacks and other sorts of games, where traditional parlors will find constraints due to limited floor area.

3. Playing online brings more benefits

Running an online casino causes its owner less costs as compared to conventional gambling businesses. You don't have to pay rents nor depreciation charges. The taxation, too, is satisfactorily low, fewer staff requirements, and so on.

As an online casino requires fewer maintenance costs the odds of winning improve significantly, ranging from 92% to 98% depending on the game. What more can every gambler expect to receive from casino bonus online, which makes the game a more pleasant and profitable experience.

4. Online games as pleasant experience.

Many people can be easily annoyed with the atmosphere in casinos – constant noise, visitors expressing their excitement too loud, many drunken ones, smoke of cigars, and etc. Playing online is so different. You can stay home or be sitting in a coffee shop/restaurant, or in any other location you feel comfortable to be in.

For online gambling you create the environment of your desire and comfort. Nothing will be distracting you from your game.

5. You feel more relaxed when playing at an online casino

Ordinary people will typically find themselves overwhelmingly under tension if placed in the environment of a casino. In the thrill of the game even self-restrained people would lose control and spend much more time than was planned while playing the games, the rules of which they even might not know.

The opposite thing is with online casinos. Here, no one will be bothering or distracting you; the game can be ended or suspended for a while any time you wish.
If necessary, we'll be pleased to help you in making a selection of casinos you may wish to visit to play online.