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BetFair Review

After being launched in 1999, has significantly expanded to become one of the largest betting exchanges in the world. With almost a million active users of our service, a number that is increasing daily, along with over seven million transactions occurring every day. It is no wonder so many people make money on Betfair. The Betfair Exchange enables users of the site to be able to offer their own odds on the outcome of a sporting event, other users of the site can then accept those odds, and place a bet that the opposite outcome will occur.

It has been estimated that around ninety percent of activities across the globe, which relate to betting exchange are undertaken on the Betfair platform. Along with the Betfair full site, is also available across multiple devices and has been further enhanced over recent years to include online Bingo, Casino, Poker and Sportsbook, ensuring that Betfair remain at the peak of their industry, giving users all of the functionality they need, across a range of interactive and intuitive areas.

What makes Betfair unique is the betting exchange feature, and although “normal” betting is available for ordinary bets, this superb feature of allowing one person to bet against another makes Betfair a truly unique entity in its realm. It also gives customers, from across the globe the opportunity to access almost any better opportunity they could ever dream for.

The Betfair sign-up process is quick and easy to complete. Any question you have can be answered in the extensive FAQ segment of the site, or there is a helpful customer support desk too. The Betfair sign-in will lead you into an intuitive website; it’s easy to find your way around the website if you are a new user, due in most to the quick links at the top of the pages.

Betting Exchange

Betfair customers can choose any event, and then choose the odds for themselves. The betting exchange feature functions by allowing two people essentially be against each other, with Betfair taking just a 5% commission from any wins. A practical example follows;

Player A thinks that Real Madrid will beat Barcelona, they are able to place a bet at 2:1 on the exchange. Player B spots this bet on the exchange, of the opinion that Barcelona will beat Real Madrid, they then place a “lay” bet. The funds are held by Betfair until the game is played and a result is reached, the winner is then paid out. Player A, would need to offer the highest odds they can because there are other customers who might be placing bets on the same game. Anyone in the Player B position will opt for the bet that delivers the best value. The incentive for customers, along with the opportunity to make money on Betfair, along with the reward they get for playing on the exchange lies within the odds. Odds available on the exchange often surpass those which can be found anywhere else, Betfair does not impose any upper betting limitations, so this option is superb for high rollers!

Exchange also uses a more globally accepted presentation of odds; decimal odds. If you are more familiar with fractional odds, there is an option to change this by simply moving your cursor across the decimal odds as they are displayed.


If you are looking to place a bet on any sporting event, then the Betfair Sportsbook has a great range of sporting events available to take your pick from. This includes motor racing, volleyball, global football leagues, MMA, basketball and many, many others. Betfair reviews their odds continuously and has guaranteed to deliver the best odds in the UK for any horse racing events, meaning that if the starting price is more than the price you have taken, they will pay out the higer starting price. It covers sporting events right across the globe and also occasionally includes politics betting options too. Complete your Betfair sign-in to uncover a full and diverse range of mainstream and non-mainstream sporting events.

As you would expect with most sportsbooks, Betfair offers an in-play option for any live sporting events, one feature to highlight specifically is the cash-out option. This allows Betfair customers the option to reduce losses, or accept winnings ahead of the finish of the event. If for example, you have placed a bet on five football games, and the initial three bets / matches have been won, a player is able to cash out before the other games commence, ensuring a profit is attained. There is also live commentary available along with useful tips which can help customers choose the best bets to place. Although there are rarely promotions on Betfair Sportsbook, they do appear occasionally. However, for new players, there are generally always offer available, such as free bets and a Betfair sign-up bonus. For returning, or inactive customers, Betfair offers deals with either double your odds or cashback on bets placed.

Exchange Games

Exchange Games offer a range of different games including Texas Hold ‘em, Baccarat, Bullseye Roulette, Blackjack and much more. Customers who play any number of these casino games are able to place bets against one another by predicting the possible outcomes. Blackjack is played using four virtual players at a time, who compete against one another to win. If you place a bet on this game, it is almost the same as being at the casino and observing a game in play, and choosing to back one player, over another. Odds are then offered by one customer to another and bets can be put on any one of the four players, or even the deal, based on who you think might win that round. There is a total of seven rounds, and chances to bet are offered following each game. The winner is given their cash after the game is either won or lost and the funds are held by Betfair.

Bullseye Roulette is four rounds long, at each stage different numbers are knocked out, leaving just a single number at the end. Betfair offers a new customer bonus, which allows a new user to get familiarised with how the games are played without losing money during the learning process.


Betfair Casino has more than one hundred and fifty games, all of which can be downloaded. The software has been developed by Playtech Software who are market leaders in their field of expertise. In addition to the downloadable games, there are many instant win games which can be played on the website and do not need to be downloaded. There are some large progressive jackpots up for grabs and the best range of movie-themed slots.

Regardless of whether you are playing on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device: Betfair Casino is fully optimised across all of these. If you sign-up on the Betfair full site, new players are always given welcome bonuses and for returning customers, there are plentiful amounts of loyalty rewards that are mostly given via a points system, rewarding users on a per play basis. Additionally, there are sporadic cashback offers, prize draws and competitions.

Two sections which are of particular interest are the Vegas slots and the Arcade areas. These spaces encompass a range of classic games and instant win favourites. There are extra bonuses and promotions on offer here too.


Betfair launched their Bingo site in 2013. The platform utilises the well-known Virtue Fusion software, making it a member of the largest bingo network globally. This benefits the players of bingo on the Betfair site as it enables more frequent games, with a greater number of players, along with quite lively chat games which make the overall proposition of playing bingo online a lot more fun. The site showcases both seventy and ninety ball games, along with some other interactive games that are only found within this network. These are games such as Britain’s got Talent, Deal or No Deal Bingo along with some other great playing options, including the slots.

Whilst there are competitive new player bonuses available, there is a range of continual promotions such as jackpot games, free entry bingo and slot bonuses too. As such, there are no loyalty points with Bingo or continual deposit bonuses.


Betfair Poker has many thousands of participants playing online during peak times. The software used is written by Ongame Network which has enabled users of Betfair Poker to access many featured games including Speed Poker, Omaha, Texas Hold ‘em, 5 and 7 card stud. With a vast number of scheduled tournaments, all ranged at different buy-in prices; it also offers cash games that are located in the Poker Lobby to suit a range of budgets.

There is a Betfair sign-up bonus for new players which are released into your account in stages. Every time a specified level of rake is fulfilled, or you buy-in to a new tournament. As a new player, there is also the added bonus of free-roll entry, giving you the chance to win actual cash prizes. Frequent Betfair Poker players are also rewarded with Poker Points; these are exchangeable for cash.


A Betfair player account can be funded using most major credit and debit cards; there are also several other online money transfer systems available too. Payments can be made to Betfair in over ten different currencies, from over four different countries across the globe. Players from the US are not permitted to use this site. If you are looking to withdraw funds from the site, then this can take between 3-5 days to reach your bank account, which is quicker than a lot of other gaming sites.


If we haven’t already convinced you with this Betfair review to visit the Betfair site, then you should definitely try this out. There is a reason that they are market leaders in the betting exchange arena, offering unique games and a tempting cash-out choice. Customers of the Betfair site get an extensive range of games and features that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Betfair Sportsbook cover nearly all events that a person could ever wish for. The Betfair Casino, along with its associated sites give people the largest selection of games to choose from. Whilst Betfair Poker is a high-quality platform with a range of different games, at a number of price points to suit all player’s requirements. Betfair Bingo has a number of promotions and some really good games to play alongside if you can draw yourself away from the fun of the chat bingo boasting some of the largest participants and jackpots.

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